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Affix Graphic Design & Proofreading offers
a fusion of communication services for your projects.
Trust us to bring your vision to life with creativity and clarity.

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Are you ready to elevate your brand, publication, or written content to new heights?
Contact Affix today and discover how a wealth of experience, design finesse,
and proofreading skills can transform your vision into reality.

Graphic Design

At Affix Graphic Design, we understand the power of visual communication. Our design services’ primary value lies in our ability to create visuals that enhance and elevate your intended message and meet (or exceed) your priorities and goals.

      We are creatives with skills and expertise in graphic design, print pre-press and web art production, design software, US English language, custom programming, large-scale warehouse databases, and direct SEO integration.

What can Affix design for you?

  Periodical articles, print/web

  Web blogs

  Newsletters, print/web


  Brochures, print/web

  Catalogs, manuals, guides

  Advertisements, print/email/digital

•   Motion graphics

  Business communications

  Marketing and sales collateral

  Business forms, presentations


  e-Commerce platforms

  Video and sound production


  Packaging, labels

  Menus, restaurant, events

     We design for both digital and commercial printing. You’ll find samples of our graphic designs and more about our design approach  and process on the pages of this website. The Affix Graphic Design portfolio is a good place to start exploring.

     If you are in the market for design work and think Affix Graphic Design would be a good fit for your project, company, or organization, it would be a pleasure to hear from you.

Our purpose at Affix Proofreading is to enhance the readability and clarity of your writing by eliminating US English language errors. We believe in the potential words possess to engage, inform, entertain, and inspire people of all ages and interests. And that every document you send our way is an opportunity for us to help your work succeed in its purpose.
What does Affix Proofreading offer?
  Attention to Detail: No typo, cringe-
worthy faux pas, grammar hiccup, or style inconsistency goes unnoticed.

  Timely Turnaround: We respect your deadlines, offering prompt proofreading without compromising quality.
Human Expertise: Your content will be skillfully proofread using: our naturally detail-oriented and curious minds; our career experience with US English norms; and traditional and online resources supported by state-of-the-art language programs.
  Collaborative Approach: We value your writing style, voice, and decisions. Respect for your work guides us in all we do at Affix.
  Availability: We cater to US English language writers
located across town or around the world. No matter where you are, we’re located online to help put the finishing touch on your work.
  Structural and Copy Editing: These services are available to writers with shorter documents. Both of these types of editing are done after developmental editing and before your final document is submitted to Affix for proofreading.
     Join countless writers who have chosen Affix as their trusted source for impeccable proofreading. Click the button below to learn more about our services for writers.

Proofreading & Editing

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