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Meet the people of Affix Graphic Design & Proofreading.
They have the know-how to make your graphic design
and writing goals a reality with precision and flair.


Leigh Ann

Designer / Proofreader

“I’ve always felt like I have

the perfect job for a creative

who happens to also be

a bit left-brained.”


– Ali Rosen

“Recipe for Second Chances”

Leigh Ann Carnahan is the owner and principal operator of Affix Graphic Design & Proofreading. She began her career while attending California Polytechic State University, San Luis Obispo, where she studied graphic communications and design and honed her skills working on video mail order catalogs at the Cal Poly Foundation design studio. She further refined her talents by working for a local real estate magazine and collaborating with area studio designers.


An entrepreneurial spirit led Leigh Ann to establish Brandt Design Studio, now known as Affix Graphic Design & Proofreading. Her studio played an integral role in the rise of two Central Coast businesses: The Spice Hunter and Linn’s of Cambria by creating eye-catching packaging and sales collateral for their groundbreaking specialty food product lines.


Eventually, as Linn's marketing director and designer, Leigh Ann created the company's custom e-commerce site, social media presence, company video and four 360° virtual store tours, billboards, and exterior retail signage for its two restaurants and three shops.


Leigh Ann’s time at Arabian Horse World Magazine expanded her skills in computer design programs, page and advertising layout, image selection, fact checking, proofreading, style guides, workflow, pagination, and print production protocols.


Leigh Ann’s enthusiasm for design extends beyond her client work. She’s also the creative mind behind successful wholesale and e-commerce products like the Milliboom Personalized Birth Certificate Gift Series, which gained recognition from industry leaders Oshkosh Corporation and JC Penney. Her ability to turn creative ideas into reality has made her a sought-after talent.


Leigh Ann resides in the tranquility of northern California. She has always been an avid reader, a collector of words and images, and an intrepid learner. She spends her free time flat water kayaking and hiking at forested lakes near her mountaintop home.

my lake and mountain home_edited_edited.

Are you ready to elevate your brand, publication, or written content to new heights?
Contact Affix today and discover how a wealth of experience, design finesse,
and proofreading skills can transform your vision into reality.

Charles Viescas_Affix.jpg


Custom Programmer

Multimedia / SEO Integration

Charles Viescas is a seasoned specialist in custom programming, software development and management, and communication technology. With an unwavering commitment to providing clients with design solutions that work, Charles consistently wows professionals in the medical, insurance, and large-scale database warehouse sectors around the globe, across the United States, and on the California Central Coast.


In 1989, Charles founded Computer-Ease, launching his journey into cutting-edge software and technology. Collaborating with major corporations such as Ford, General Motors, Honda, Trane, Siemens, Bell & Howell, and Bombardier provided Charles with the opportunity to demonstrate his mechanical and project management acumen.


Charles brings a deep-seated passion for custom programming and digital design to Affix clients. He excels at creating dynamic websites, e-commerce platforms, engaging newsletters, and effective email campaigns. His designs are technically sophisticated, encompassing multimedia elements such as video production, interactive web catalogs, animation, and precise video and sound editing. Charles’s work reflects both his keen eye for aesthetics and technical prowess.


When Charles steps away from work, he finds joy in immersing himself in nature, kayaking, exploring the open road on his Harley, engaging in home remodeling projects, and applying his innate mechanical talent to fixing just about anything.


We would be remiss if we didn't mention that Charles (despite how proficient he is), is the most affable tech you'll ever work with.

"If you think it's expensive

to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire

an amateur."


– Paul Neal “Red” Adair

American oil well firefighter

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