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When you’re in business, graphic design plays a significant role
in marketing and sales. At Affix, we deliver results that originate from your goals and grow with our creativity and experience.


Graphic design creates a visual conversation between you, your products, and company and your audience. Excellent graphic design creates a well-crafted visual persona outfitted with icebreaking features that make your marketing and advertising written messages more inviting —more powerfully persasive — and more likely to be read and remembered.


Your company's graphic persona is created to engage and retain new and loyal patrons, consistently letting them see that you know them and have what they want or need. The use of consistent color, images, typography, motion, design and UX principles are employed at Affix to create this most valuable asset and enhance your business's recognition.




Affix defines graphic design as creating and producing visual content that effectively communicates a specific message based on our client's goals. We rely on four touchstones to affix our client’s goals to the center of each design project: Two-way Communication, Creativity, Resources & Tools, Career & Life Experience, and Problem Solving.

Affix produces graphic design for both digital formats and printed materials.



Affix uses resources, tools, and techniques are available to designers today





We design and produce these for our clients:


  Brochures, catalogs, manuals, guides

  Advertisements: online, email, print

  Business communications: reports, newsletters

  Marketing and sales collateral, presentations

  Periodical articles, columns, sections

  e-Books: cover, chapter, text, section pages

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If you are in the market for design work and think Affix Graphic Design would be a good fit for your project it would be a pleasure to hear from you.

  Menus: restaurant, bar, special events

  Packaging: labels, stickers, tags, cartons, bags

  Signage: retail, indoor, outdoor, POP, banners

  Websites, e-Commerce platforms

  Motion graphics

  Video and sound production

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Are you ready to elevate your brand, publication,
or written content to new heights?
Contact Affix today and discover how a wealth of experience, design finesse,and proofreading skills
can transform your vision into reality.

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